Our BEPIT tools are designed to focus communication and learning around topics critical to energy performance.

Our learning modules

Our main set of tools is a series of seven highly focused learning modules. These describe where problems are most likely to occur, and how to avoid or mitigate them at design, procurement and construction stages within seven different ‘clusters’ of work, as follows:

  • 1. Below ground services

  • 2. Ground floor

  • 3a. Timber frame structure

  • 3b. Timber frame internals

  • 4. Windows and doors

  • 5. First fix services

  • 6. Mechanical ventilation

Key features of learning modules:

  • Used like a toolbox talk

    Simple and straightforward, with easily grasped lessons

  • Actions to take

    Clearly details performance improvement actions, and effects if unaddressed

  • Learned experience

    Shares good and bad practice examples

  • From start to finish

    Each cluster of presentations can be used across design, procurement, production and quality control

Additional tools

  • Action tracker: this keeps the team informed at every stage,
  • Posters: Airtightness, insulation and mechanical ventilation posters are provided for display, to reinforce learning
  • Process maps and case study examples – these are used where needed.

All these tools are provided for you to use during the project and on future projects.

View some sample resources