We accompany your project from the start to finish, giving you full peace of mind that your project will achieve its energy performance targets.

What the service includes

BEPIT process flowchart

We tailor our service to your needs. Based on our experience of what works, we envisage:

An inception meeting: Briefing and getting buy-in from key players.

A series of design, procurement and construction review meetings: based on our experience, envisage holding a series of review meetings with key people at key stages of the project, drawing on the BEPIT Toolkit presentations to structure and inform discussion.

Dedicated ‘collaborative camps’: Where major issues are anticipated, we hold small, focused, ‘collaborative camps’ that provide a safe, non-hierarchical space for discussion and problem-solving.

Final report: At the end of the project, we’ll carry out follow-up site inspection or testing to enable real time feedback on performance, and produce a final report.

How BEPIT brings peace of mind

  • Full facilitation

    we sort the logistics for you so you don’t have to worry

  • Multistage engagement

    we work at all project stages to maintain commitment from everyone involved and ensure issues don’t escalate

  • Reach

    we work with both your team and subcontractors

  • Integration

    we work within your own workstreams and processes, with no additional training or work required


We tailor our service to your requirements, starting with a meeting to understand your needs and prepare a costed proposal. Our typical engagement lasts between 18 and 25 person days. Our basic fee structure is £700 per person day.