Reduce the performance gap on your new housing project with our proven BEPIT toolkit service, developed after four years of onsite research.

We spent four years working with partners to research and create a toolkit for housebuilders to construct homes with improved energy performance – where ‘as built’ matches ‘as designed’.

The BEPIT team is now working with several housebuilders to help them manage risk and improve the quality of their new-build developments.

Key benefits of BEPIT

  • Improved design details

    fewer buildability clashes on site

  • Smoother build

    save time spent on corrective works and snagging

  • Enhanced reputation

    for building quality homes

The BEPIT approach to reducing the performance gap

In the course of our research we found that the performance gap consists of multiple, minor, and frequently occurring issues spread throughout most elements of a building. But tackling these issues individually brings little return on investment, while approaches that try to deal with the whole problem in a single, central workshop rarely get the commitment needed to achieve long-term change.

Why BEPIT works

  • pre-empting problems – through our research we have identified the root causes of many performance related issues and work together with your team to help prevent these
  • timely interventions – BEPIT provides short, carefully structured meetings and workshops with key people at design, procurement and construction stages
  • providing recommendations and solutions – to improve design details, specifications, site processes and quality control
  • building collaboration among teams – we enable teams to collaborate and communicate effectively by facilitating focused team discussions around critical topics

BEPIT process infographic

Through a combination of focused meetings using our toolkit to educate and help communicate about issues and solutions, we work together with the lead contractor and subcontractors to beat the performance gap on your project.

Our approach involves no additional work for the team, but builds confidence, problem-solving, communication and technical skills – all of which can be carried forward into your next job. What’s in the toolkit?

More about our service.